Social Skills

*FEATURED NEW CLASS:  Sensory Motor Integration*
Children ages 3-5, come and explore our sensory motor group, develop friendships, and have fun. We will play in our gross motor room developing our large muscles by climbing, jumping, swinging, and sliding. Then off to our sensory room developing our fine motor skills with puzzles, manipulatives, and a variety of sensory bins. Lastly we will visit the gym for a group activity to develop our social skills. Come and play!

After-School Social Club
Come and hang out with your friends in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere! With a bunch of games, movies, and activities to keep you entertained, it is a great spot to enjoy your afternoon, socialize, and hangout before our evening classes! 

Each week we will choose from a wide variety of games, activities, and team building skills to promote teamwork, integrity, and the basic skills of the game of basketball.

Sports & Games
Welcome to Sports & Games, a fun and exciting opportunity to get together with your friends for 45 minutes each week, and enjoy a wide variety of organized sports. From volleyball to soccer, home run derbies to bowling, this is a class that will get you active and make you excited to come back each week and see what's next!

Saturday Social Skills
Our Saturday Social Skills programs are designed to provide children and young adults the appropriate strategies needed to become socially successful. Evidence-based practices are utilized using sensory, motor, and tactile activities which are intertwined into every program by a well-trained staff, in a safe and supportive environment.

Students are taught team sports, games, and functional age-appropriate interactions. Each session focuses on sharing, turn-taking, flexibility, "small talk", and communication with others. Role modeling directed by staff is on positive responses, respect for each other, listening, encouraging each other, and following directions.

Each group activity is created to meet the needs of each individual, based on their specific needs. We pride ourselves on looking at each child as an individual, working with the skills they have, and building upon them rather than changing them. 

Cooking & Baking

Breakfast Club
Welcome to the Breakfast Club, a fun and exciting way to begin your Saturday mornings! Students will learn to prepare, cook, and enjoy a full breakfast each Saturday morning while socializing with their friends.

Cooking with Friends
Provides a social opportunity for an hour and a half each Thursday or Friday night, for students to come together and create a menu for the evening, that they will prepare and eat together. They will learn the life skills that goes into planning, preparing and executing a meal for themselves and others. 

Strap on your apron and enjoy the wonderful world of baking, where you will learn to prepare, bake and decorate countless treats, that will have your mouth watering each week!

Snack Shop
TPH Snack Shop gives students an opportunity to learn basic job skills, such as: inventory, stocking, managing money and customer service skills while also getting real life experience. The Snack Shop is open to all guests and visitors.

Expressive Arts

Art, in all forms, promotes self-discovery, fine motor practice, self-expression and verbalization. It involves sensory awareness while supporting emotional awareness and expression without the need for language. 

Arts & Crafts

Expressive Theatre
Gives students an opportunity to come together to dance, act, and express themselves creatively and collectively to create and design a show that they themselves will perform. Students will learn everything that goes into creating, and performing a successful drama production.

Always wanted to be a photographer?? Come learn how your camera works inside and out and learn how you can turn your daydreams into something you can print out and hang on the wall! Join Mr. Anthony, who received his Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Photography and Graphic Design in this fun class where you will learn how use your camera to create art that you’ll be proud of! We will learn everything from the basics of photographing to editing in Photoshop, all the way to printing the final product!

With step by step instructions and repetition, the artists learn techniques of painting and using the proper tools to get the desired effects. Each week we discuss what we would like to paint and when our paintings are complete, we have an informal presentation in our art studio to display and admire each artists’ painting. Paintings are done using a variety of materials including: acrylic paints on canvas, oil and chalk pastels and watercolor paints on artist papers. Each year our artist create a painting for our Annual Spring Premiere.

Fitness & Wellness

Self-Defense & Kick Boxing
Come and experience our new and exciting class, which gives students the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Kick-Boxing & Self-Defense through hands on experience and positive reinforcement. Students will work toward developing stronger self-confidence, self-esteem and self-respect, in a program that promotes team work skills, coordination, focus, discipline, and balance.

Fitness & Aerobics
Welcome to Fitness & Aerobics! A great opportunity to come together with your friends, to provide you with the confidence and knowledge to make exercising fun and enjoyable! With individualized attention and tons of fun fitness games and activities to choose from, you and our fitness specialist will have a great time each week!

Stretch your child’s body and mind with yoga! Led by a certified yoga instructor, this program addresses many important aspects of a child’s life, including: flexibility, strength, creativity, focus, attention span, self-esteem, relaxation, general well-being, awareness and respect for self and others. Yoga classes include play and music along with traditional yoga and relaxation techniques. The pace of the class will be tailored to your child’s physical , attention, and sensory needs. A low student to teacher ratio will ensure individualized attention and support.

Media & Technology

Music Tech. 
Come and let your imagination run wild in our new Music Tech. program! Where kids and young adults will learn how to compose and produce their own music using keyboards and other controllers. Through a professional mixing and production program, using various sound kits and instruments, you will learn how to create musical works of art and everything that goes into music production. A phenomenal choice for any aspiring artist or anybody interested in making music.

Interactive Gaming
Are you a gamer?! If so, come and experience a fun and exciting way to game productively in a social environment. With many different tasks and opportunities to build and create, in a peer gaming setting, you will get the chance to work together and experience gaming like never before! With games from Minecraft to The Sims, there is sure to be something that everyone can enjoy!

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